ACH Payments


ACH Payment Processing

ACH (Automated Clearing House) Payments

In 2008, the ACH payment industry accounted for over $2.1 billion of US purchases. Providing ACH payments to a US customer base can cause a significant increase of online sales revenue. 

ACH payments can potentially gain a competitive advantage in online markets and provides convenience to customers seeking alternative online payment options.

ACH payments are convenient, secure, and ensure the validity of all transferred funds.


Diversification in business is key to success. Let MNBS Payment Solutions help diversify your payment solutions to allow your clients to pay you in everyway possible. Some additional solutions include, but are not limited to:

  1. ACH Solutions
  2. EFT Solutions
  3. Demand Deposit Solutions
  4. Wire Solutions
  5. Prepaid Solutions
  6. Other, secure, payment options

  • Benefits

    • Provides payment alternatives to customers without credit cards
    • Reduce risks associated with physical checks
    • Real time payment processing
    • Advanced reporting
    • Reduce check-payment acceptance times
    • Protect your credit rating
  • How Do ACH Payment Processing Work?

    • The customer requests to send money to a merchant and asks for authorization
    • The merchant authorizes the request and provides written, digital ,or verbal authorization of the payment
    • The customer lodges their payment through the ACH network, which sends the money to the RDFI (Receiving Depository Financial Institution) for processing
    • The merchant receives their funds and sends goods/service to the customer

  1. ACH Payment Requested
  2. Account Pinged
  3. Fund Released
  4. Permission Sought
  5. Cleared at ACH
  6. Processed/Returned


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