Frequently Asked Questions


    a. ATM Machine Corp is unique in the ATM industry because they have setup local agent offices to handle operations, repairs, and maintenance assuring clients that their ATM is working and operational at all times.

    b. Economies of Scale. ATM Machine Corp., have a full time dedicated staff which drastically decreases our per unit cost.

  • Benefits of an ATM, what are they?

    a.Cash Availability Allow your customers access to cash so they can spend it in your shop.

    b. The average ATM customer will spend a substantial portion of site-accessed money with your business.

    c. ATM users are habit-driven, often using the same ATM repeatedly, bringing repeat customers back into your business.

    d. Increase your gross retail sales when customers have more cash

    e. Credit Card processing fees : Eliminate or reduce them

    f. Generate more traffic to your business.

    g. Additional income from ATM transactions.

  • Service and Support, who helps me with my ATM?

    a. ATM Machine Corp has technicians on staff that can help with any of your service needs. Support is 24/7.

  • Are there any monthly or hidden fees?

    a. No

  • After I purchase an ATM machine, what else do I need to have it live at my business?

    a. 3 prong power outlet and

    b. communications (internet, phone line, or wireless)

  • When do I receive my money from my ATM?

    a. The next working day.

  • How much money can I earn from an ATM Placement? (example)

    a. Lets assume a surcharge of $2.99; and 500 people a day that pass the ATM (see the ATM).

    b. General assumption is 3-5% of passing foot traffic will actually use the ATM.

    • 15 transactions (3%) (using the LOWestimation)
    • $44.85 (15*2.99) / day (3%)
    • $1,345.50 (44.85*30 days) (3%) PER MONTH
    • $16,146.00 Annually from ONE ATM LOCATION
  • I accept credit card’s can an ATM still help me?

    a. Of Course it can ! Having an ATM provides your customers with options and options permits customers to SPEND MORE MONEY AT YOUR BUSINESS.

  • How do I monitor my ATM?

    a. 24/7 Real time monitoring is available, free of charge, from any internet connected device.

  • ATM Related Facts:

    • a. The typical ATM customer will spend 15% more than a non-ATM customer in a convenience store
    • b. Indoor and free standing ATMs are the most widely used types of ATM machines
    • c. Half of adult Americans use ATM machines on a regular basis
    • d. 40% of regular ATM users will visit an ATM machine an average of 10 times per month
    • e. The average ATM withdrawal is $60.00
    • f. According to a recent survey, 43% of customers prefer to receive cash from ATMs regardless of whether or not their bank is open or not
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