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The City of Sin is the gambling metropolis in the United States; Las Vegas’s main attraction is the onset of legalized gambling and entertainment. There is arguably nowhere else in the world that has more legalized vice’s in the United States. As millions of people come to Las Vegas every year to engage in gambling, entertainment, and conventions they tend to have the need for cash.

Las Vegas ATM machines are most beneficial to both business owners and customers in places that require large amounts of cash such as casinos and bars and tourist sites. The Las Vegas ATM Machine market is enormous. Almost anywhere you are on or off the strip an ATM Machine is within reach to obtain the cash you need to enjoy your Las Vegas vacation.

Las Vegas is not only an entertainment mecca, but it is also a technology pioneer. The innovation of bitcoin and crypto currencies has caused much debate but it appears that bitcoin is here to stay in one form or another. The Luxor hotel and casino is the first establishment to officially announce a Bitcoin ATM Machine for its Casino ATM Machine customers. People will be able to use this Bitcoin ATM machine to convert their bitcoins to physical cash. Only time will tell how popular this Bitcoin ATM Machine will become but its definitely an innovation showing that businesses are providing customers with more ways to access their cash at casinos and similar establishments.

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