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The state of Nevada went from a wild west ranching state to one of the most populated states in the U.S..Industries such as gambling and tourism has brought this state into a very different age as compared to a century ago.

Where there is tourism and gambling there is a market for cash on hand and thus, Nevada ATM Machines. ATM Machines are great for any type of highly populated areas.

Mobile ATM MachinesMobile ATM’s are used for short term events and festivals. A great example of that is the burning man event, which is also held in Nevada every year.

In the Las Vegas Desert, once a year, thousands of free spirits attend the burning man festival. This festival is located, quite literally, in the middle of the desert. Attendees are forced to camp or drive quite a long distance to the closest hotel.

The norm to obtain supplies is to trade with other party goers, however, there are some cash only stations for drinks and food. The festival ATM machines are placed on the grounds so attendees can purchase items in cash.

Out of the desert and in one of Nevada’s metropolitan cities, ATM’s play a completely different role, like this Nevada State Bank ATM.

Nevada has just under 3 million residents as of 2013 (US census Bureau) , the state has been expanding its population since the early 1940’s and appears to continue expanding. The larger cities, such as Las Vegas and Reno contain most of Nevada’s population and thus will have use for different types of ATM’s such as the wall mounted ATM machine as pictured above with the Nevada State Bank ATM machine. These ATMs are great because they are accessible 24/7.

Nevada is one of ATM Machine Corp. ‘s largest turn key placement markets. ATM Machine corp does not use local armored trucks because of their ‘service issues’; instead we use our local filling team which concentrates on service and punctuality.

In Nevada, ATM Machine Corp. also provides the following ATM machine related services:

  • Free ATM Placement (turn – key) * for qualified businesses
  • Sales of ATM’s – Own your own ATM – Keep the Surcharge
  • Lease / Rent ATM- Rent or lease your own ATM
  • Brand ATM’s.
  • White Label Brand ATM’s.
  • Repair & Service for ATM’s in Nevada
  • Cash Replenishment Services
  • Processing Transactions
  • Advertising on ATM’s.

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