Adult Merchant Accounts

Are you an adult content or adult related merchant ? MNBS Payment Solutions know’s what solutions work best for your industry.A vast majority of sponsor banks prohibit adult content to be underwritten. MNBS Payment Solutions knows which solutions caterto the Adult industry and can provide you with multiple domestic and offshore solutions that fit your business needs.

MNBS Payment Solutions takes a unique approach to Adult clients as we provide a full payment solution for long term processing, which is specific to adult merchant billing requirements and processing needs. Don’t accept substandard payment solutions for your business; we offer our clients direct support and reliable solution with no middle men.
Why do banks consider Adult Merchants high risk?
Adult merchants are considered high risk by the bank because
they are controversial in the international, public, and legal domain
and generally require age restrictions. Adult merchants commonly
display and provide human sexual content, including but not limited to:
(i) explicit products;
(ii) explicit content; and
(iii) explicit images.
An area of great concern for sponsor banks is the historical risk of chargebacks in the adult merchant industry associated with adult merchant accounts. Credit card chargebacks occur when a customer disputes a credit charge transaction with their credit card issuer stating that they do not agree with the charge. Chargebacks provide
for an increased expense to the sponsor bank and a high chargeback ratio can lead to the merchant being shut down or placed on the Visa or MasterCard MATCH or TMF list. As such, most banks classify adult merchants as high risk and
will not approve them for credit card processing. Therefore, adult merchants need a high risk payment processor that has experience and understands the adult merchant industry inside out. MNBS Payment Solutions is the industries leading company in providing adult merchant services domestically and offshore.
Subscription, Free Trial, Continuity, & Membership business models for Adult Merchant providers.
Some of the challenges in the adult merchant industry are related to continuity, membership, and subscription-based business models. This means that the adult merchant provider charges their customers on a recurring basis for a membership to their site. This type of transaction is valid, however, sponsor banks consider it to be higher risk because it is recurring. MNBS Payment Solutions specializes in these types of merchant accounts and transactions. Our expert consultants will guide you to the most beneficial payment processing solution to complement your business and maximize your profits for the long term.
What are some additional concerns for adult merchant service provider’s?

  • Reliability & Diversification. MNBS Payment Solutions provides adult merchant providers with reliable and stable credit card, ACH, and international wire solutions to diversify and accept multiple payment solutions from clients across the globe.
  • Multiple Merchant Accounts (MIDs). MNBS Payment Solutions helps adult merchant providers manage chargebacks and risk by providing multiple merchant accounts (“mids”) domestically and internationally.
  • Chargebacks. Does your adult content business have higher than normal chargebacks? We have a solution for you. We work with our clients on programs to drastically decrease their chargeback rate. MNBS Payment Solutions has access to chargeback intercept data directly from Visa and MasterCard.
  • Fraud Prevention. As an adult business operator, you must carefully balance finding the right merchant account solution with battling online fraud. MNBS Payment Solutions offers many programs that fight against and help manage fraud for your company.
  • Domestic Solution. MNBS Payment Solutions can offer adult merchants U.S. Domestic Solutions for their Adult and Adult content sites.
  • Offshore Solution. MNBS Payment Solutions can offer adult merchants an offshore solution for their merchant account needs.
  • ACH Processing. There are a few banks in the United States that will sponsor ACH transactions for adult merchants. MNBS Payment Solutions has direct relationships with key sponsor banks that provide ACH services for adult merchant providers.
  • Rates.Rates are determined on a case-by-case basis based primarily on volume and risk. MNBS works on each client’s solution individually and provides merchants with the best solution to complement the success of their business; subject to individual underwriting of each client.
If you’re looking for a cheaper, more secure and more advanced payment system for your online business contact MNBS Payment Solutions for a no
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  • Adult Merchant Industries & Products.
    MNBS Payment Solutions can provide merchant account and payment processing accounts for industries and products which
    include but are not limited to:

    • Online Photographs;
    • Adult Toy & Novelties Stores;
    • Adult Toy& Novelties Website;
    • Adult Dating & Online Dating;
    • Adult Live Webcams;
    • Streaming Video;
    • Adult Video Stores;
    • Adult Video Website;
    • Online Chat Rooms;
    • Escort Services;
    • Strip Clubs;
    • Phone Sex Hotlines;
    • Lingerie Stores;
    • Lingerie Websites;
    • Massage Parlors;
    • Sexual Enhancement Products.

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