MNBS Payment Solutions can assist every type of Arizona business in the Medical and Recreational Marijuana Industry and optimize their ability to process payments in an efficient manner. We understand that recent policy changes have been a real headache for Arizona Marijuana dispensaries and other Arizona Marijuana merchants. We specialize in providing easy financial strategies to both Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and legal Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries who are seeking alternative payment processing methods.

Rapid changes in the legality of many payment processing procedures make the entire process of dealing with Arizona Marijuana Dispensary payments a nightmare for Arizona Marijuana businesses since banks are reluctant to work with the legal Marijuana industry. MNBS Payment Solutions is the go to source for businesses such as Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensaries or Arizona Marijuana Delivery Services who are seeking to optimize their efficiency while abiding by current Arizona Marijuana payment processing policies.

MNBS Payment Solutions has developed a variety of legal and convenient methods for all Arizona Marijuana businesses. A demand draft is a product that is like writing an electronic check. Any Arizona Marijuana business can receive payments from a customer with a bank account and routing number simply and quickly this way.
Numerous payment processing options are available for any Arizona Marijuana business.

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