MNBS Payment Solutions provides California businesses operating in the Medical and Recreational Marijuana Industry everywhere that it is legal, thus providing alternative payment processing methods. Problems posed by federal policy shifts have California Marijuana dispensaries and other California Marijuana merchants scrambling to find ways to accept payment. We specialize in assisting California Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and legal Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries who are looking for the most effective financial strategies.

The entire process of how California Marijuana Dispensaries process payments has become convoluted because of changes in the legality of many Marijuana payment processing procedures for California Marijuana businesses. Because of this uncertainty, banks are reluctant to work with legal California Marijuana businesses. MNBS Payment Solutions is the foremost provider of solutions for many high risk businesses including California Medical Marijuana Dispensaries or California Marijuana Delivery Services who want to make the most money while abiding by current California Marijuana payment processing policies.

MNBS Payment Solutions has developed California Marijuana banking relationships and can offer offshore banking services and merchant accounts for California Medical Marijuana credit card processing. We offer many specialized
payment processing options for any California Marijuana business.

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