It is an exciting time for Marijuana businesses throughout Colorado. MNBS Payment Solutions provides experience and superior results for every type of business in the Colorado Medical Marijuana Industry. We understand that changes in policy have made processing payments very frustrating for Marijuana dispensaries and other businesses that have capitalized on the legalization of Marijuana in Colorado. We offer hassle free financial solutions to Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries seeking alternative payment processing methods in order to stay at the cutting edge of the Medical Marijuana industry.

Changes in federal Marijuana dispensary Payment policy have complicated the process of accepting and processing payments for Marijuana Dispensaries operating legally in Colorado and throughout the nation. MNBS Payment Solutions provides an extensive selection of alternative payment solutions for Colorado Medical Marijuana Dispensaries facing the dilemma of thriving sales but a lack of Payment Processing options.

A Colorado Marijuana Dispensary ATM machine is one of the solutions available for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries seeking a workaround for regulations. Another option available is Automated Clearing House or ACH. ACH is basically a bank to bank transfer of funds. A client or patient would register once and then be able to pay for any Colorado Marijuana Dispensary product straight from a bank account. This payment method is great for Colorado Marijuana delivery services.

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