MNBS Payment Solutions has been providing assistance to vendors in high risk sectors such as the Maine Medical and Recreational Marijuana Industry (MMJ) for years. We have a thorough understanding of the various obstacles that face Maine Marijuana merchants looking for alternative payment strategies in the face of federal restrictions on
the legalized Marijuana Industry and other Cannabis related businesses.

When Marijuana law reform was first sweeping across the country it became apparent that since policies were changing banks would be reluctant to provide credit card processing and other important services to Maine Marijuana businesses. Using our experience in high risk industry payment processing we began to provide our pals in the Maine Medical and Recreational Marijuana Industry with a range of Maine Marijuana payment processing services.

MNBS Payment Solutions offers alternative payment processing options to all Maine Marijuana businesses. MNBS Payment Solutions has developed Maine Marijuana business banking relationships and offers ACH processing and offshore merchant accounts for Maine Medical Marijuana credit card processing. MNBS Payment Solutions offers perfectly tailored payment processing solutions for all Maine Marijuana businesses.

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