NUTRACEUTICAL (‘NUTRA’) Merchant Accounts

MNBS Payment Solutions is your final destination for all of your nutraceutical merchant account and payment solution needs.

  1. I. What is a Nutraceutical Product?

Nutraceutical (“nutra”)products or alternative supplements help millions of people around the world to (i) lose weight;
(ii) skin care;
(iii) enhance sexual activities;
(iv) boost energy; or
(v) help with workouts.

  1. II. FEATURES.Some of the features that MNBS Payment Solutions provides our nutraceutical clients include, but is not limited to:
•Multiple Merchant Accounts (MIDs); •Offshore Solutions;
• Direct Merchant Accounts; •Credit Card Processing;
•Continuity; •Check Processing;
•Negative Options; •Multiple Currency’s available;
•Recurring billing; •ACH;
•Free Trial; •EFT; and
•Domestic Solutions; •PlusMore.

III. BENEFITS.MNBS Payment Solutions provides key benefits to our nutraceutical merchant account clients, which include, but are not limited to:

  • •Profits. Increase your with a reliable and reputable solution.
  • • Gateway Integrate directly to our gateway or use another popular gateway of your choice. Either way we will support your nutraceutical merchant account and credit card processing needs.
  • •MOTO.Mail Order Telephone Order Transactions (“MOTO”) are supported with our virtual terminal.
  • •Domestic Solutions.MNBS Payment Solutions is directly contracted to a multitude of acquirers.
  • •International / Offshore.International and offshore solutions throughout Europe and Asia are available for our nutraceutical clients.
  • •Chargeback Intercept Data.MNBS Payment Solutions has access to Chargeback Intercept data direct through Visa (daily,delayed) and Mastercard (weekly,delayed) to help manage and prevent chargebacks.
  • •Trial/ Negative Option/ Continuity/Recurring Billing.MNBS Payment Solutions specializes in this sort of nutraceutical business types.
  • •Rotating MIDS.If you are having trouble managing your chargebacks, please inquire about MNBS Payment Solutions Rotating MID option. This allows business owners to stay below the chargeback threshold each month without threat of their accounts being terminated.
  • •LegacyLegacy accounts are the most difficult nutraceutical type or billing to work with.   MNBS Payment Solutions has merchant account solutions for legacy accounts that are agedupto 60 days.
  1. IV. EXAMPLES.Some examples of popular nutraceutical ‘ nutra ‘ products, generally ‘ As seen on TV”, or “Dr. Oz” products, include:


• GarciniaCambogia, • Acai Berry, •Sexual Enhancements,
• Natural Libido Enhancements, • Energy Supplements, •Raspberry Ketone,
• African Mango, • Hydro Collagen, •Colon Cleanse,
• Green Coffee Bean Extract, • Yacon Syrup, •Workout Supplements.


  1. V. Natural Alternatives.Nutraceutical ‘ nutra ‘ products provide natural alternatives which can be suited for a variety of health benefits; some that include:

Anti Aging
Blood Sugar Balance
Colon Cleanse
Dietary Supplements
Hormone Supplements
Herbs & Botanicals
Immune Health

Metabolic Health
Musculoskeletal Health
Nutritional Beverages
Skin Care Products
Sexual Enhancement
Stress Management
Vitamins & Minerals
Weight Loss
Workout Supplements

  1. VI. Trial/ Negative Option/ Continuity/Recurring Billing. Most nutraceutical companies offer some sort of recurring billing or continuity offers because clients need to consume the product on a regular basis. MNBS Payment Solutions has multiple domestic and offshore solutions that will provide nutraceutical merchant accounts for free trials, negative options, continuity, and recurring billing.

Free trial offers and negative options are generally what lead to increased chargebacks and is why nutraceuticals are considered high risk. MNBS Payment Solutions has unique and partner solutions that help our clients avoid fraud and manage chargebacks to decrease this risk.
VII. Chargeback Management. MNBS Payment Solutions can assist its clients by providing chargeback intercept data and direct referrals to our chargeback management partner companies. Chargeback intercept data is obtained directly from Visa and MasterCard and distinguish which charges are likely to become chargebacks. Therefore the client has the opportunity to refund the transaction BEFORE it becomes a chargeback.   Our partner companies, such as, Verifi, also provide extensive tools to help prevent chargebacks.

MNBS Payment Solutions does not just provide merchant accounts to its clients, we also help our clients maintain healthy accounts so that they can accept payments for the life of their business and not have to worry about early termination due to chargebacks.
VIII. Prohibited Items.Prohibitednutraceutical items include:

  • •Kratom;
  • •Any other illegal substance.
  1. IX. Nutraceutical Specialization.MNBS Payment Solutions is a team of experts in the field of E- Commerce nutraceutical products. We have extensive industry experience that will help with every aspect of your nutraceutical business.MNBS Payment Solution’s mission is to provide you with not only the merchant accounts that you need, but also the long term support to complement and keep your business growing and processing payments. MNBS Payment Solutions will leverage its extensive network of banks and partners throughout the globe to provide you with the most optimal solution, customized for your business.

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