Travel Services and Packages



Travel Services and Packages

Travel merchant accounts are one of the riskiest industries from a banks perspective.   The risk for chargebacks is within the travel industry is higher than other industries.  MNBS Payment Solutions HAS MULTIPLE payment solutions for your travel agency or travel package business.

Credit Card Solutions. Payment Processing Solutions offered by MNBS Payment Solutions for Travel Services and Packages includes, but is not limited to,:

– Domestic Credit Card Merchant Account’s;

– Offshore Credit Card Merchant Accounts;

-ACH Payment Processing Solutions (EFT for Canada);

Types of Travel Industry Merchant Accounts. The major verticals within the travel industry that MNBS works with include, but are not limited to:

-Hotel Accommodations;

– Airline Tickets;

– Cruises;

– Vacation packages; and

Timeshare merchant accounts. Certain verticals within the travel industry are more difficult to place and timeshare merchant accounts are, by most banks standards, EXTREMELY RISKY.  If you have a timeshare business and need payment processing our solutions are as follows:

– Offshore Credit Card Merchant Account; (Visa & MasterCard Only) (High Cost & Risk)

– Domestic ACH Payment Solution; (Medium Cost & Risk)

– Demand Draft Payment Solution. (Lowest Cost & Risk)

Rest assured that if you have a legal business with proper licensing MNBS Payment Solutions can provide you with payment processing solutions that will allow your business to thrive.  AT MNBS, we provide our clients with DIRECT credit card solution’s and the best payment processing consultation in the world.  Call us at 888-505 6956 for a free consultation.