Custom ATM


Custom ATM

There are 2 types of Custom ATM machines available, they include:

  • Custom Cabinets; and
  • Custom Wraps
  • Your ATM Machine is also, now a free standing marketing machine with the custom wraps; or a piece of furniture that blends in if you so desire.

    Custom ATM Cabinets. If you believe that an ATM machine at your business is an eye sore, or simply does not blend in with your design, an ATM cabinet is a great solution. These custom cabinets fit the ATM perfectly and come in different stains and colors.

    Custom ATM Wraps. Customize the exterior of your ATM machine with ATM Machine Corp’s custom ATM wraps.
    How it works:

    • Choose a picture or logo that you want to appear on the exterior of the ATM;
    • ATM Machine Corp will provide a digital sample
    • If you approve, the custom logo / wrap will be installed on your ATM

    Why do I need a Custom ATM Wrap?

    ATM’s are best located where the most people will see the machine, hence so people use it. Thus, ATM Machines are stregically placed in areas of a business that a vast amount of people will see regularly. Place your logo or brand on the ATM to increase awareness and market your company.

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