FREE ATM Machine Placement


FREE ATM Machine Placement

Q:Have you ever been asked at your business if there is an ATM near by?

Q: Would an additional income stream help your business become more profitable?

If you answered Yes, to either of these questions an ATM will help you and your business.

Do not let your customers leave your business to find someone else’s ATM, customers that leave generally don’t return to your qualified business* that same day.

Solution: ATM Machine Corp can place an FREE ATM MACHINE at your business and there will be :

  • 0 COST;
  • 0 RISK;
  • 0 Work

For you as the shopowner.

WE PAY YOU CASH. ATM Machine Corp. will Pay you a percentage of the monthly income of the ATM.
Benefits. Additional benefits include:

  • ATM equipment; ;
  • Financial institution sponsor of ATM transactions
  • Reliable transaction processing
  • Cash management & replacement services;
  • On site technical support;
  • ATM monitoring
  • 24 hour support
  • Customized software development;
  • Real Time transaction reporting
  • Timely revenue payments

Locations must qualify for the Free trial program, please contact ATM Machine Corp for a free consultation.

If you think that a cashless ATM may be beneficial to your business, please contact ATM Machine Corp for a consultation.

For more information on how ATM Machine Corp. can help your business please contact 888-580-7043