Mobile ATM


Mobile ATM

Festivals and events are getting larger and larger and being thrown in areas that simply do not have access to ATM’s or banks. Coechella is a perfect example, patrons need access to cash and a mobile ATM machine is the solution.

ATM Machine Corp. has a fleet of mobile ATM machines for all types of events and the expeience and expertise to provide ATM machine services anywhere with mobile phone service!

Benefits of a Mobile ATM Machine, include:

  • Install anywhere there is a mobile signal and power
  • Remote monitoring of ATM
  • On site technicians (*depends on size of event);
  • 24/7 live monitoring of ATM
  • ATM Signage
  • Wireless Communications

ATM Machine Corp’s operating procedures insure that the ATM at your event stays operational and continuous during your busy times and all times.

Please contact ATM Machine Corp for more information about our mobile atm machine program.

For more information on how ATM Machine Corp. can help your business please contact 888-580-7043