Outdoor ATM


Outdoor ATM

Outdoor ATM machines are a great way to permit 24 hour access to your ATM machine and increase its volume. Depending on the weather of your location, different units will be appropriate for outdoor use.

What happens when it rains or snows on an outdoor ATM? These type of ATM machines are made to withstand the weather. Although more maintenance is required than a typical indoor ATM, the outdoor ATM’s are very reliable.

How do I install an Outdoor ATM? The installation of an outdoor ATM depends on the location that it is going to be installed into. For example, on the west coast, it can be as simple as heavy duty anchors and cement, however, on the east coast, where it is much colder, installation may require the removal of a store front window or a hole in the wall.

Is an ATM Kiosk better than an Outdoor ATM machine? It depends. An outdoor kiosk can be great in areas with warm climate and limited rain

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