ATM Machine Branding

ATM Machine Branding

ATM Machine Branding

ATM Machine Branding

ATM Branding


ATM Machines have evolved into a stand alone marketing machine that the owner of the ATM can exploit.

The ATM itself has multiple avenues of marketing and targeting your customers so that the first thing that they see when they pull out cash is your advertisement!

  • ATM Branding
  • Receipt Printer Advertising
  • ATM screen Advertising
  • ATM Video Topper Advertising
  • ATM Custom wraps. (see custom wraps page)

ATM Branding. Businesses and financial institutions can recognize your branded ATM anywhere. By strategically placing logos or promotional materials directly on the ATM, customers will begin to recognize the brand.

Receipt Printer Advertising. Every ATM transaction results in a receipt to the customer. Use the back of the receipt paper to print a promotion, coupon, or just your business’s information

ATM Screen Advertising. Program the ATM machine to display your compay logo’s or promotions on the ATM screen when it is not in use. What a great way to promote your brand. Upto 5 full screen ads can be rotated before and during the transactions.

ATM Video Topper Advertising. A video topper on your ATM can promote still pictures in a slideshow or even video about your business.

ATM Custom Wraps.