ATM Processing

ATM Processing

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Processing for ATM Machines

ATM Machine Corp. will provide each ATM partner or owner with real time ATM reporting 24/7; allowing you to monitor your terminals from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Online reporting also includes features such as:

  • Next day funding;
  • Terminal transaction activity
  • Surcharge income activity
  • ACH activity;
  • ATM cash balances
  • Daily Deposits into your bank account.


ATM Processors are what connect ATM’s to the banking system and allow for ATM transactions to be approved.

Other ATM Companies use only one ATM transaction processor, which severely limits them in certain geographic areas and against fraud.

No 2 businesses are the same and ATM Machine Corp has consultants that will analyze which of the processors will be the most optimal and profitable for your individual business.

ATM Machine Corp. has decided to work with all of the major processors and card brands. This way our clients have the choice of the best fit for their individual business. These processors include, but are not limited to:

  • FIS Global;
  • Columbus Data
  • 1st ISO
  • Worldpay;
  • Elan;
  • Etc

Our processors work with all major brands including international brands. The card brands that ATM Machine Corp currently works with includes, but does not limit to:

Please contact ATM Machine Corp for an up to date processor or card brand list or if you have any additional questions.