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Adult Merchant Accounts

Are you an adult content or adult related business? We know what solutions work best for your industry. A vast majority of sponsor banks prohibit adult content to be underwritten. MNBS Payment Solutions knows which solutions cater to the Adult industry and can provide you with multiple domestic and offshore solutions that fit your business needs..

MNBS Payment Solutions takes a unique approach to Adult clients as we provide a full payment solution for Long Term processing which is specific to their billing requirements, and processing needs.

Don’t accept substandard payment solutions for your business. We offer our clients direct support with no middle men.

Chargebacks. Does your adult content business have higher than normal chargebacks? We have a solution for you. We work with our clients on programs to drastically decrease your chargeback rate.

Fraud Prevention. As an adult business operator, you must carefully balance finding the right merchant account solution with battling online Fraud. MNBS Payment Solutions offers many programs that fight against fraud for you.

Domestic Solution. MNBS Payment Solutions can offer clients U.S. Domestic Solutions for their Adult and Adult content sites.

Offshore Solution. MNBS Payment Solutions can offer you a great Offshore Solutions for your payment processing needs.

No Upfront Costs or Hidden Fees. MNBS Payment Solutions does not charge any upfront costs. We are here to provide your business with the best fit of payment solutions – no upfront or hidden costs, no volume restrictions, recurring-billing is accepted, free-trial processing, and multi-currency conversion. Additional benefits are included with every Adult Merchant Account

Subscription-Billing Services

Fraud Protection

  • Merchant Account Features

    • Credit and debit card payments
    • Premium security services
    • Zero restrictions on processing volume
    • Advanced tracking system
    • Recurring billing services
    • Chargeback reduction programs
    • ACH Payments
    • Real-time payment processing
    • Offshore, Onshore, and International Accounts
    • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Merchant Account Rates

    Rates are determined on a case-by-case basis. MNBS works on each case individually and provides merchants with the best solution for business.

    If you’re looking for a cheaper, more secure and more advanced payment system for your online business Contact MNBS Payment Solutions for a no obligation free quote.